Elevate Blue Startups

Elevate Blue is a technology startup studio on the north shore of Lake Tahoe. We invest heavily in entrepreneurs and engineers, creating a highly unique tech scene high up in the Sierra Mountains, but with incredibly close proximity to Silicon Valley. Our CEOs and engineers have the best of both worlds - a picture-perfect setting on one of the purest lakes in the world, plus regular trips to Silicon Valley for education, meetups and social events.

Code Tahoe- Technology School on the Lake

Code Tahoe Destination Coding Academy’s technical curriculum is focused on the most cutting-edge web & mobile technologies. Additionally, it has been designed to provide unique leadership, communication and business development skills so that you are a highly marketable and competitive applicant in the job market.

Elevate Blue- Code Tahoe Startup

Bots.Haus- Bot Your Business

We make bots that increase productivity and save time for your business by enabling you to work with your business tools right from Slack.

Elevate Blue- Bot.Haus Startup

KickParty- Crowdfunding for Parties and Events

KickParty is a web and mobile application that simplifies all aspects of throwing an event or party with your friends by consolidating event details, group communication and money collection into one simple-to-use platform.

Elevate Blue- KickParty Startup

Likemoji- Say more with less

Say more with less and discover new places using a crowdsourced, visual, recommendation engine! Likemoji is a quick and easy way to share experiences and discover new places using short-form Likemoji icons.

Elevate Blue- Likemoji Startup

Pet Surf- Pet Boarding for the 21st Century

Pet Surf is a web and mobile application that facilitates the discovery and selection of boarding facilities, booking, and payment all in one seamless user experience by connecting pet owners, veterinarians and boarding facilities.

Elevate Blue- Pet Surf Startup- Pet Boarding