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Ever wonder what a day at Elevate Blue is like? It’s true that a lot of the time we’re hard at work developing our dynamic startups, but every now and then we slip into Tahoe Time…


What Is Likemoji?

Likemoji is an emoji-based social-proof platform where you can quickly discover new places and share your experiences.

The Likemoji platform is a fun and easy way to quickly share, search, and view content about what you care about.


What is KickParty

KickParty provides a place for planning, crowdfunding, and payment collection. Plan any event - from a bachelor party on a private boat to bringing your favorite band to town. Invite people privately or open your event to the public to have the most epic party of the century. Crowdfund an event with friends or the community, or sell tickets to make your event a reality.


Three Advantages of a Startup Studio

Startup studios are like anything in the real world, there are always advantages and disadvantages to choosing certain paths. For an entrepreneur looking to take an idea and build it into a functional, successful company, a startup studio could be the perfect path for you. The three advantages of going through a startup studio that we are going to focus on in this article are building faster, building better and building bigger. All three of these advantages will give you a key edge in transforming your startup idea.

1. Build Bigger: Since startup studios already have established strategies and experts in place, you and your new company can immediately start growing due to the proven strategies that the startup studio already has in place. These experts work everyday to help your company grow.

2. Build Better: Teams at startup studios are made up of professionals who specialize in all different aspects such as marketing, finance, design, coding, etc. This allows for different aspects of your company to be focused on at once which will hopefully lead to better company results. The range of individuals at the studio also opens up a ton of networking opportunities that can also enable greater and more efficient growth of your company.

3. Build Bigger: A plethora of resources along with experts in their given field allow you to also access much larger markets than you could on your own. This will ultimately allow your company to be introduced to a larger initial market, which means your company’s potential growth is a lot higher.

These three reasons could be the difference between your startup succeeding and failing. But before you rush into choosing the closest startup studio near you, do some research and make sure the company you choose has your company’s best interest at heart.


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