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What exactly is Elevate Blue?

Elevate Blue is a technology startup / venture studio on the north shore of Lake Tahoe. We invest heavily in entrepreneurs and engineers, creating a highly unique tech scene high up in the Sierra Mountains, but with incredibly close proximity to Silicon Valley. Our CEOs and engineers have the best of both worlds - a picture-perfect setting on one of the purest lakes in the world, plus regular trips to Silicon Valley for education, meetups and social events. Elevate Blue isn't just a new career, but a whole new way of life. Come see why our employees have escaped the rat race of the big markets (Silicon Valley, Silicon Beach, Silicon Alley, Silicon you fill in the blank...) and are now enjoying clean mountain air and the most ideal setting to code and build truly groundbreaking startups.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for a sharp, entrepreneurial, and extremely driven individual that will act as CEO and lead a team of 3 (2 developers and the CEO) to push the direction of our most promising tech startup. With the constant support and guidance of our core Elevate Blue team, you will be responsible for the plan, strategy, build, marketing, launch, and ongoing leadership of the company. You will be surrounded by a team of very experienced and successful leaders in the industry every step of the way, but will ultimately call the shots and forge the company onward. It is not essential for the entrepreneur to understand every aspect of the business world, and so our skilled mentors will give them knowledge in areas where they need good understanding in order to secure investment.

Do you...

  • •Have experience in business and wish to assist others in getting their ideas for a company off the ground?
  • •Come from a business or entrepreneurial background?
  • •Find the challenge of seeing an idea through to completion irresistible?
  • •Have an overwhelming desire to learn and hone the skills necessary to run your own company?

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