Aim High, Go Blue

The Lake Tahoe Tech Startup Studio @ 6.2k Feet

Elevate Blue is a startup studio on the north shore of Lake Tahoe. We invest heavily in entrepreneurs and engineers, creating a highly unique tech scene high up in the Sierra Mountains, but with incredibly close proximity to Silicon Valley. Our CEOs and engineers have the best of both worlds - a picture-perfect setting on one of the purest lakes in the world, plus regular trips to Silicon Valley for education, meetups and social events.

What we Do


Elevate Blue is a startup studio, a company that creates companies. We incubate homegrown ideas we generate or find within our ecosystem alliances.


As part of our mission to enhance the community in which we live we founded the Code Tahoe Academy (CTA). Not only are we creating future coders for our startups but, we are filling an educational and employment gap.


After 30+ years designing, building and operating businesses, the Elevate Blue team has identified many techniques that create successful companies. We actively work with entrepreneurs to overcome obstacles along the way.


The Elevate Blue Operating System specializes in product and go-to-market strategy, system design, user experience and ecosystem alignment.

Advantages of Going Blue

Elevate Blue is the only technology startup studio whose specific goal is to literally position you to win. High above the noise, you'll find unmatched resources and opportunities for personal growth and financial success.

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